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,He bowed submissively, and went to his berth in the men's quarters. The anchor had been cast loose, and the cable put in condition to run out. Christy had hardly reached his berth before he heard the rattle of the chain, and the voyage was ended.

The morning mail brought a letter from Captain Passford, informing the family that he was detained in Washington, and that he could not be at home to say good-by to his son, who was to leave that day in the store ship Vernon. He wrote a special letter to Christy, containing not only his adieux, but the good advice he would otherwise have given him in person. , 小田原 パチンコ 求人

"I ought to be, for I am a whiter man than Captain Flanger." ガイア パチンコ 閉店 The steward lost no time in acting his part, the first step of which was to jam a handkerchief into the half-open mouth of Corny Passford; but he had been counselled to use no more force than was necessary to subdue him. Dave then turned 164 him over on his back in spite of his aimless struggles, for, as he was roused from his sound slumber, he was too much bewildered to accomplish anything like an effective resistance. The strap which Christy had provided for the purpose was used in fastening his hands behind him, and so far as Corny was concerned, the battle was fought and the victory won.


,"I am glad to hear it. Have you informed him that we have another lieutenant on board of the Vernon?" continued the commander. ルパン 三世 パチンコ 連 チャン

The old man had no hat to touch or take off, for the mass of hair was a sufficient protection to his head; but he bowed almost to the deck, and was too timid to say a single word. ,

"I am sure I do not know. I called in the coachman, and he has been to his room and looked all over the place without finding him." ,"Bonnydale!" repeated the officer, after using his handkerchief, and thus improving his utterance of the word. ルパン三世 パチンコ シリーズ


"That will do, Mr. Flint; stop her, and let go the anchor. Get out a spring astern and make it fast to that buoy," said the commander. ,

,"I am glad to be informed of the fact, for I am not conscious of any such improvement as you describe. In fact, I am not in quite so good condition in a sanitary point of view as I was 50 last evening, for I took my cold about midnight, or a little later, last night," added Christy, his smile becoming a little more pronounced.

,"I have done something in the business, and perhaps I can cure the man who is sick, if they have the proper medicine," added the officer.

,Dave did know better than to obey the order, and Christy was morally certain that he had been menaced with a pistol, or threatened in some manner if he attempted to leave the cabin. He acted as though he felt confident that a bullet would be sent through his head if he disobeyed the bold visitor. At the same time there was a certain amount of energy and earnestness visible in the expression of the steward, which assured Christy that he was ready to take part in any action that was reasonably prudent and hopeful.

,"Uncle Job," said Mike, placing his hand on the shoulder of the sleeper on the side of the bed nearest to him.

,"I hope it will all come out right, but I have some fears," added the impostor.


結論として、319 "'Pears like I do; I reckon you's Massa Cap'n Flanger." ,"You will pardon me if I add that I think one or the other of them must be an impostor," added Captain Battleton with some diffidence. 猪木 パチンコ 新台 です。

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"I am glad to hear it. Have you informed him that we have another lieutenant on board of the Vernon?" continued the commander.

"You will pardon me if I add that I think one or the other of them must be an impostor," added Captain Battleton with some diffidence.

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"How many guns has it? I mean big guns, Uncle Job?"

"If I have had any headache, I have entirely recovered from it," replied Christy, laughing heartily. "I came on board only an hour ago, doctor, and I have had no headache, thank you."

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※1 "That seems to me to be a correct deduction," added Christy.

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"Well, Captain Passford, if you fail to comprehend my purpose, it is the fault of your understanding, and not of my plain and explicit declaration, for I assuredly said that I intended to replace the Floridian with the Teaser, or the Bronx as you have named her, though she will not be called by any such nut-cracking name after I get her," replied the daring privateersman, as blandly and pleasantly as though he were planning a picnic.

Christy heard the footsteps of the late second lieutenant of the Vernon as he left the cabin. He had listened to the details of the plan formed by the naval officer, and it agreed with the prediction of Mr. Flint. While he was thinking of what he had just learned, he heard the step of Corny—for it could not be that of any other person so soon—coming into the stateroom; then he saw his feet from behind his barricade of bags and baggage.

250 "I ask for no better officers, sir. They are well educated, and have had a great deal of experience as sailors outside of the navy," replied Christy.

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"Ten feet!" shouted the man at the lead.

"Mr. Flint, drop a drift lead, and station a hand to observe it," said Christy, hailing the first lieutenant.

84 "I could not very well forget them in so short a time," replied Corny, upon whom the gaze of the commander had again rested as he looked about him.

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"You and Florry are not in the habit of setting the table, mother; and the first bell rang an hour later than usual," added Christy.

"At Bonnydale, on the Hudson."

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But the boat seemed to be running too far away from the sloop, though it was near enough for the lieutenant and quartermaster to see that there was a decided commotion on board of her.

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"I shall be equally reasonable," said Christy. "The more witnesses there are the better it will suit me."