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In a short time the Vernon was alongside the flag-ship. Christy had put his uniform coat in his valise, and still wore the frock he had taken from it. He had removed his linen collar, and put on a woollen shirt and a seaman's cap, for he did not care to be taken for an officer among the crew. He carried his valise to the vicinity of the forehatch, and looked up through the opening to ascertain what he could of the movements on board. ,"He was not an officer, either of the navy or the army, but my cousin, Cornelius Passford, a soldier in the Confederate army." マクロス 新台 スロット

スロット カチカチ君 "We have damaged the enemy enough to make it pay, and the steamer and her cargo will put at least seventy-five thousand dollars into the pockets of our side in the conflict."


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"The flag-officer has signalled for the Vernon to come alongside," interposed another seaman who had heard the question. ,170 "But it had not one chance in ten of success. Your cousin looks more like you than he did the last time I saw him."

"But he did not." ,"I don't think we are getting ahead at all, Mr. Salisbury," said the captain, while the cousins were looking for their reports. スロット リール 絵柄

,"I had nearly forgotten the most important evidence that can be presented in this matter," said the captain with a smile. "I dare say that each of the gentlemen will produce his commission, his orders, and his appointment to the command of the Bronx; and I don't know how we can decide between the papers. It looks as though the Bronx was likely to have two commanders."


"But the flag-ship will make out the steamer," suggested Corny. ,

"What do you know about him, Christy?" asked the colonel with the deepest interest. ,During this conversation, Ralph, still holding his prisoner, had sent the steward on deck for a pair of handcuffs, which the seaman proceeded to apply to the wrists of Corny.

They returned to the negro village, for the commander of the expedition did not feel as though he had yet finished his mission on shore. ,

"Dave, sir," replied he, evidently deeply impressed by the visitor for some reason not yet apparent to the captain. ,

"He is better; in fact, he was about well when I left him," replied the practitioner. "But I have no more time to waste," added he, as he quickened his pace, moving in the direction of the shore. ,"I did not aim at his nose, but at his head in a general way," replied the commander. "I fired in a hurry, and I meant to reach his brains, if he had any. Take him away; I am disgusted."


結論として、"And the second lieutenant?" ,"I am glad to be informed of the fact, for I am not conscious of any such improvement as you describe. In fact, I am not in quite so good condition in a sanitary point of view as I was 50 last evening, for I took my cold about midnight, or a little later, last night," added Christy, his smile becoming a little more pronounced. リゼロ スロット レム です。

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"If you will excuse me for making an indirect reply, captain, I did not come on board of the Vernon last evening," answered Christy, his smile becoming still more decided; and if he had not been on the quarter-deck of a vessel in service, he might have suspected that he was himself the victim of a practical joke.

"What good will that do?" demanded Christy. "My cousin has made out his case before the captain of the Vernon."

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"Only four!" exclaimed Mr. Pennant. "Are you telling me the truth, Uncle Job?"

The weather continued favorable till the end of the cruise, and then on the eighth day the Vernon arrived near her destination off Pensacola Bay. Thus far no attempt had been made to capture the steamer, and the plot was as dark as it had been in the beginning. Christy thought that Corny was becoming somewhat nervous when the vessels of the squadron were made out in the distance.

"We shall be well out of sight of the flag-ship by dark, or sooner, and then we can come about, 152 and keeping closely under the lee of the land, we shall reach the entrance of the bay before morning; and then all we have to do is to run in."

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319 "'Pears like I do; I reckon you's Massa Cap'n Flanger."

Corny's first movement on board of the Vernon was to take the hand of Mr. Galvinne, whom he appeared to be congratulating on a promotion or appointment. The second lieutenant promptly handed his lists to the third lieutenant, Mr. Winter, who proceeded with the calling of the names. Corny and Mr. Galvinne immediately went below, and Christy concluded that the officer he had spotted as the traitor had been appointed to the little gunboat, either as first or second 122 lieutenant, and that they were making their preparations to go on board of her. In a few minutes they appeared with the steward of the ward room carrying their baggage.

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"What steamer is that?" called Mr. Blowitt.

"I am in command, Dave, and there must be no more 'massa' now," added Christy.

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242 "I consider the naval officers as dangerous men, and I had to treat Corny in the same manner that I did his associates. If you wish to see him, I will send for him."

"This is an informal conference, doctor, and I hope you will express your views freely," said the captain.

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"I don't think I am ever rash, mother; and if I have been exceedingly fortunate, it was more because the circumstances favored me than because I ran great risks," replied Christy very seriously, for he was sensitive on the point his mother had brought up. "Father has said a great deal to me on this subject, and I have always done my best to carry out his principles. It is not my fault that I have a friend at court, and have had opportunities that have not been offered to many others. But the tide may turn against me on my next cruise."


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