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,"Then you are older than you appear to be," continued Christy; and he proceeded to question the seaman in regard to his education and experience as a seaman. パチスロ イベント 千葉

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"Yes, sar; ober dar," he replied, pointing to the west. ,

Probably it was the shock quite as much as the force of the blow that brought down the steward's victim. But it was a heavy stroke, for the wood of the feather duster was split into many pieces, and the stumps of the feathers were scattered all over the table. The onslaught could not fail to be very confusing to the ideas of the intruder, and he seemed to be tangled up in the arm-chair in which he had been seated. ,"As you please," replied the surgeon, as the second lieutenant returned attended by two stout seamen. パチスロ ミクちゃん


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CHAPTER XVII THE SECOND AND THIRD LIEUTENANTS ,Christy was not disposed to believe that he was a brilliant officer, or to accept unchallenged the extravagant praise that had been bestowed upon 44 him. He endeavored to follow the Gospel injunction "not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think." But while he tried to keep the flower of modesty in full bloom in his soul, he could not deny that he had given the enemies of his country a great deal of trouble, and subjected them to some heavy losses. Then he recalled the conspiracy on board of the Bronx while he was acting-commander of her; and though it was for the interest of the Confederacy to get rid of so active an officer, he believed it was the vessel and not himself that the conspirators desired to obtain.

,"He was not an officer, either of the navy or the army, but my cousin, Cornelius Passford, a soldier in the Confederate army."


"As I said before, I have no doubt you are a Passford; and I have been compelled to decide that you are not the son of Captain Horatio Passford, the distinguished gentleman who has done so much for his country in the present war." ,"You were very considerate," answered Christy, looking at the steward, who had stationed himself behind the unwelcome guest.

,"That is not my name, sir; and I refer you to the ship's papers to prove it. I am not the man to be ashamed of my name, which is not Welch or Walsh, sir, if you will excuse me for saying so."


"Eight of them, sir; and they have been keeping guard on Crooked, St. Andrew's, and Hurricane Islands, to let them know inside if there was any blockader coming this way. They had sky-rockets and flags to make signals with." ,The Sphinx sailed the next day for New York, and made a tolerably quick passage. Of course Christy was received with open arms by the family at Bonnydale, and with a profusion of blushes by Bertha Pembroke, who happened to be there on a visit. His father and mother looked with no little anxiety at the pale face of their son, though he was still cheerful and happy. He had lost a portion of his flesh, and his uniform hung rather loosely upon him.


結論として、It was plain enough to Christy that the remarkable attempt of one or the other of the officers on board as passengers to personate the other had been explained to those on the quarter-deck, for he observed that they all regarded him with curiosity, and were interested in the matter. As the surgeon passed near him he spoke to him. , パチスロ すれ です。

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In less than half an hour the two vessels were under way, and just at dark they were within hail of the flag-ship.


"Don't you know me, Dave?" asked Christy, speaking out plainly so that the steward might recognize his voice.

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"You are a moral philosopher, Mr. Passford," said the surgeon, laughing at the earnestness of the speaker.

"Only one, sir: a steamer of five hundred tons, called the Floridian."

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"Then I shall put you in irons, and take you on board of the steamer," added the officer sternly.

"Dave," said Christy, after he had obtained a view of the back of the steward's head which satisfied him that he was the right man.

Christy planked the deck with Mr. Flint just 349 abaft the foremast. Both of them were as cool and self-possessed as though they had been sitting at the cabin-table; but neither of them felt that the battle had been won, for the officer in command of the fort was evidently a man of ability, who had not yet exhausted his resources. The first lieutenant had watched the works very closely with his glass, and he had informed the captain that something was in progress there, though he could not tell what it was.

"They can't make us out soon enough to do us any harm, or not much, at any rate," replied Mr. Galvinne confidently.

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"I hardly think so, though I should be pleased to have it so."

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"Wot you gwine to do ober dar, massa?"

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"That is bad grammar," said the commander, laughing, for he was in an exceedingly pleasant humor, as may well be supposed. "You know what is right, and you must not talk like a contraband."

132 "Into Pensacola!" exclaimed the steward, aghast at the remark. パチンコ 儲かる

There were nine men left in the standing room, including the gentleman in black; they were coarse and rough-looking persons, and not one of them appeared to be the social peer of him who had condemned the firing upon the boat. The skipper remained at the tiller of the boat, and he looked as though he might have negro blood in his veins, though he was not black, and probably was an octoroon. He said nothing and did nothing, and had not used a musket when the others fired. He 216 behaved as though he intended to be entirely neutral. A few drops of negro blood in his veins was enough to condemn him to inferiority with the rude fellows on board of the sloop, though his complexion was lighter than that of any of his companions.